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Participate in the community.

Assisting participants to participate actively in community, social and civic activities; includes supporting participants during these activities and developing participants’ ability to partake in these activities. participants need to meet daily and weekly goals by participating in social, community and recreational activities in a centre or community setting. These activities build skills and confidence and helps improve the ability to interact and participate with surrounding community.

Wound management


Household tasks.

Performing essential house activities like meal preparation, and/or yard activities that the participant is not able to undertake.


Development of life skills.

We help you build your skills to help you Manage things like cooking, cleaning, getting dressed, using a computer, or gardening more independently. Development and training to increase your skills so you can participate in community, social and recreational activities. Assessment, training, or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation


Community Nursing Care.

General nursing care and daily assistance pre-and post-surgery care or hospitalisation managing ongoing illness assistance with dressings and wound management medication management and pain management.


Assist Travel & Transport

Provision of support to enable a participant to engage in community, social and/or recreational activities and escort to different appointments.


Assist personal activities.

Personal hygiene, including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming, toileting, bladder and bowel management, eating and drinking.

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair
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